Newsletter Image Sizes

Creating beautiful newsletters is made so much easier with all the tools available nowadays! You don't need a degree in graphic design and you don't have to be an expert in Photoshop. Below are the measurements and details you need to make sure the newsletter you design fits perfectly into the template in AppealMaker:


Newsletter Page: 8.627 x 11.25 inches, 2588 x 3375 pixels
Newsletter Content Box: 4.84 x 6.68 inches, 1452 x 2005 pixels
Newsletter Cover Content Box (located at the bottom of the page with the address and stamp): 8.627 x 11.25 inches, 2588 x 3375 pixels

We also have some Canva templates for creating the perfectly sized pages or designs, found here:

Note: Be sure when creating a design that the DPI (dots per inch) is set at 300dpi - this ensures a clear, high-quality photo is printed.

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