Newsletter Copywriting Tips

  • Newsletters should be about the impact the donor has made, not the organization.
  • Newsletters are the medium where you do get to show smiling faces of lives you helped, and share success stories. Include photos of people who have been impacted, not attendees of the gala or the donor handing over a huge check.
  • Newsletters articles should be brief – 500 words.
  • Make the donor feel joy in the headlines, as many articles will never get read.
  • The front page story should be interesting, and can feature the happy ending to a story you used in an appeal letter.
  • Reminder: newsletters and other stewardship communications are not necessarily about income, they are about retaining your donors. Retention is cheaper than acquisition. Newsletters help retain, get second gifts, and nurture relationships. Stewardship touches are worthy of investment, retaining a donor is cheaper than acquiring a donor!

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