Monthly Giving Copywriting Tips

  • Make the focus of the entire mail package about monthly giving, not one-line in the middle of the letter or on the remit device.
  • People love to know, tacitly, what their gift will buy or do. If they can visualize what you are offering, your success will be much higher. Example: $10 per month buys 2 meals, $20 per month buys 5 meal, $35 buys 10 meals.
  • It’s best to offer only one buy in, not $10 buys 2 meals, $20 buys a backpack, $35 buys a sleeping bag.
  • Gift strings should start lower than those of traditional appeal. You want to introduce the program with an amount that the donor can see themselves sustaining on a monthly basis. Those smaller gifts amounts still add up, when a donor commits to monthly donations, they will garner a higher annual value.

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