• Use a font size that is appropriate for your audience, 13pt to 15pt are often recommended. 
  • You should be able to easily skim each paragraph.
  • Use indentation, short sentences, and 2-3 sentences per paragraph.
  • Use bold, italic and underlines for key messages.
  • Use photos sparingly (or better, not at all) in letters asking for gifts.
  • When using a photo, make sure it is compelling and related to the message. A photo of a person making eye contact with the reader is best. Avoid photos of buildings or unemotional objects.
  • When creating acquisition solicitations, a simple design is best.
  • Sending a letter mimicking the appearance of an invoice is thought to have better open rates.
  • Eliminate unnecessary enclosures, especially brochures. They increase costs and rarely generate income or increased response rates – in fact, they often suppress responses.
  • A Customer Reply Envelope (CRE) appears "friendlier" than a Business Reply Envelope (BRE). CREs also have better response rates, and save your organization cost of return postage!

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