Proofing Your Piece

  • Clicking "Preview Appeal" on the editor page will show you a pdf of your piece, without your data merged into the letter.
  • You can only view proofs with merged data after selecting a recipient list.
  • To view proofs with merged data click on the eye icon on the Proof & Approve page.
  • If you want to print proofs, download the pdf to your computer first. If you print directly from your browser it will not print correctly.

Please check all your proofs for accuracy, including, but not limited to, the items listed below.

Proofing Checklist Items:

  • Review the longest name in your list - are any characters getting cut off?
  • Review the shortest name in your list - is everything showing correctly?
  • Review the gift strings and make sure they are calculating correctly.
  • Review any [Custom] values, especially longer values.
  • How does the spacing look?
  • Is everything spelled correctly?
  • Make sure your formatting is consistent - indentations, font style, font size.
  • Make sure no brackets [ ] are in your letter on the proof pdf.
  • Did you include an appeal code (example: "YE_2025") to track results for your mailings?
  • If you have donor identification codes, are they included?
  • Remember: The watermarked word PROOF on your pdfs will not print on pieces when mailing!
  • [JobID] and [Sequence] are used by AppealMaker - no need to worry if you see those on your proof.

*AppealMaker is not responsible for items not included on this checklist.

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